Want to Have A Better Day?
Can You Give Yourself 20 Seconds To Help Yourself Do That?
You are never alone.  Angels are here to help you and you never have to doubt yourself or struggle with your problems again.
If you're like most of my clients, you've needed answers to your problems and have attended many seminars that have promised you they have the answers. Your problems maybe finances, physical health/wellness, relationships, or career and creative fullfillness.  At the end of the seminar you still didn't have any solutions.

You're not alone!  You're a smart, open-minded, well educated person and know what you want but just can't put your finger on how to get it. Pause, take a deep breath and stop trying so hard to get your answers. The angels are with you 24/7 and are waiting to help you with anything you need. You deserve to have all of your problems taken care of without all the struggle and to get:

  • Your life back on track.
  • To live financially abundant.
  • The physical health/wellness that you desire
  • Abundance in your relationships in your life
  • Assurance you will have your career and creative fullfillness that you desire
  • All the knowledge you need for anything that you face.
  • Confident and relaxed.
  • The freedom to never doubt yourself again.
  • Confidence to make all the right choices.
  • The knowledge you are never alone 

But, in order for you to get what you want in your life, it will benefit you to

1.  Learn how to meditate

2.  Be aware of your BLOCKS in receiving your inner emotions/angels' messages --     and how to remove them

3.  Discover the methods used to make contact with your angels and spirit guides

4.  Know the various methods you use to hear your angels' messages

5.  Know how you receive your angel's messages

6.  Know the difference in Divine Guidance vs Ego or Imagination

7.  Learn how to keep your energy positive

8.  Believe you can have your desires met by asking your angels for them



 Hi, I am Grace Lobermier, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner.  And I can show you easy and very powerful ways YOU can create an abundant life.  You CAN have everything wonderful you want in your life.  Since you came to my website you must desire to have a peaceful loving relationship with your angels.  I can help you learn how to do all of this so you will have a happy abundant life!

I have a BSW from UNLV, NV and I am an Addiction Rehabilitation Specialist. I have had the wonderful experience of seeing individuals improve their life with breakthroughs they never thought possible. I have also worked with my angels and their angels to assist with these breakthroughs. During the time I was working with some of the largest corporations in Las Vegas, Nv I had clients from various backgrounds but all seemed to have one common theme, not connecting with their innermost selves.  One of my most rewarding positions I held was with a hospice program.  I was so happy to be able to help them transititon in the latter parts of their lives.

Even though, I appreciated and enjoyed meeting and working with the people I had met, I knew there was more to my life that I had not gotten in touch with.  I had always loved reading about the angels but reality came when my son, Donnie, passed over to the other side at the age of 40 with a fatal heart attack. I knew with the big smile he had on his face that he had his angels with him at the time of his passing over.. 

During a class of automatic writing with Dr. Doreen Virtue, I received a message from Donnie and he asked me to teach spirituality because I had never taught him.  He did not say this in a mean way but it was true I had not taught him about the angels because of some of my own issues that I had not faced at the time when he was young.  I am forever grateful he did learn about spirituality from family members when I was not capable of teaching him.

My passion is to teach you how to get in touch with innermost self and to better understand why and how situations arise in your life.  I would like to invite you to let me teach you how you can manage anything in your life.  I love to teach how the angels will work with you and lead you in directions that are positive for your life. Sometimes we forget or don't listen to our angels when they speak to us.  This happens when the ego rises it's ugly head and leads you in path that will not work for you aor anyone else.  After you learn how to listen to your angels the ego will start to diminish. 

Does this sound like something you can use in your life?  Are you someone I can help? 

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Remember, your angels will never steer you wrong.  Learn how to connect with them and receive their guidance.

Angel Blessings,


Grace - The Angel Lady